Dene Magna Sixth Form


The GR4X Service has been set up to assist students travelling to Dene Magna Sixth Form, in Cinderford. The service will operate twice during the day, once in the morning from Dene Magna School to Dene Magna Sixth form, and one in the afternoon, from Dene Magna Sixth Form to Dene Magna School. Please find the timetable below.


To use the GR4X Service, tickets have to be purchased in advance using our ShuttleID Ticketing System. Tickets are available at £1.90 per single journey.

Tickets are to be purchased on a journey by journey basis, up to 7 days in advance. If you are going to be using our service regularly, please see information regarding a Flexi-Ticket. Tickets will be issued immediately after purchase, in the form of a QR code, which the student will use to scan upon boarding the bus for each journey. 

The scanner will only scan the code once for that journey, it cannot be shared. No ticket = No travel.


It is also possible to purchase a Flexi-Ticket for GR4X. Flexi-Tickets are an individual ticket that can be used in a pay-as-you-go model. This allows you to use the same ticket/QR code, and conveniently top it up with trips when your balance is running low.

Each time your Flexi-Ticket is scanned, one trip is deducted from the balance of the ticket. When your balance gets low, ShuttleID will notify you by email, reminding you to top up the ticket.

The initial purchase is for 20 trips, at £1.90 per trip. 

To find out the balance of your Flexi-Ticket, just go to the My Tickets area of the Passenger Portal. Your Flex-Ticket will be listed, and it will display the remaining trip balance left on the ticket. 

Contact Us

Please call 01594 822110 or email if you have any questions or queries.


GR4X - Dene Magna School to Dene Magna Sixth Form


GR4X - Dene Magna School to Dene Magna Sixth Form

Student Code of Conduct

Please view our Student Code of Conduct here.

Students are expected to behave in a reasonable manner when travelling on the bus. We ask parents to make students aware of our Student Code of Conduct. By purchasing and using a ticket to travel students agree to the terms set out in our Code of Conduct.