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** GR4 and GR5 are now currently SOLD OUT! Please sign up to our Waiting List, if seats become available we will let you know. **

** For students that would like to board at 'Cinderford - Co-op Store (Valley Road)' we would ask that parents buy a ticket for GR5, giving more space for GR4 to cater for other stops in Cinderford/Littledean in the first instance. Once GR5 becomes full, by all means purchase tickets for GR4. **

Please Note: From September 2022 daily fares will no longer be accepted. Please read information below on how to obtain a ticket to travel.


From September 2022 the way that our services to Dene Magna School operate will be changing. We will be offering an electronic payment and ticketing system (ShuttleID).

Many factors have resulted in this decision being made - most importantly, the safety and safeguarding of students. During the recent Year 6 Induction Week it was evident that there is high demand for these services. Due to a maximum capacity of passengers allowed on each bus it is important that a system is implemented to ensure complete confidence and guarantee that your child is able to catch the bus and travel safely to school every morning. Not doing so will result in no guarantee and the uncertainty of your child being able to travel to school or not. We have also made this decision based on the increase of fare-dodging and incorrect payment. Introducing this system ensures fair travel for all.

Tickets can only be purchased online via our website at The portal will open from Monday 1st August and seats will be available on a first come, first served basis. Firstly we will offer an annual ticket. The annual ticket can either be paid for in one go, or by monthly instalments using Direct Debit. If we still have availability come September 2022, we will also offer the sale of a single ticket. These will be able to be purchased using the system up to a week in advance. Obviously, if every seat is occupied by students with annual tickets then this may be something that we cannot offer.

We fully appreciate the financial pressures that the country is currently facing and the burden that the cost of school transport is. We recommend that you check with Gloucestershire County Council if you think you may be eligible for free transport before purchasing a ticket.

The benefits of this new system include;

  • Improved communication - Be the first to know when a bus is running late with our SMS based service alerts.

  • Effortless payments - Payments that manage themselves without the stress of having to find the right change every week.

  • Safety first - No physical cash to touch and tickets are scanned up to a foot away from the device, helping distance your child and our staff.

  • Never lose your ticket - With 24/7 access to your ticket in the Passenger Portal, you’ll always be able to access your ticket on your phone or printed out, putting a stop to replacement ticket fees.

  • Safeguarding - Rest assured that we know if your child has boarded our bus and when.

  • A fairer system - Technology helps ensure every passenger is a valid paying customer which ensures everyone gets a fair price.

  • Convenient ticket purchasing - No longer restricted to just office hours, you can now buy your tickets 24/7.

  • Simple renewals - Renewing your ticket is as easy as a single button press.

We will be offering an annual ticket, which can either be paid for in one payment, or in monthly instalments. The total cost of using either of our services will be £790.00 per school year (September to July). This equates to just £4.20 per return journey, per day.

The purchase of a ticket is a simple process, however, there are links to tutorials and help pages on our website, should you have an issue.

Direct Debit Payments

We have ensured to implement a system which facilitates the option to pay in instalments. The first payment (£60.04) will be taken shortly after you sign up. This is for the first month's travel in September. A further 11 monthly payments of £66.36 will commence in September. Your last payment will be in July.

If you sign up late, i.e end of August/beginning of September, the first payment will be very close to the first Direct Debit payment so we advise that tickets are purchased as early as possible.


Tickets will be issued immediately after purchase, in the form of a QR code, which the student will use to scan upon boarding the bus for each journey. It is recommended that this QR code is also printed and kept in their bag/wallet, should the phone not work, or run out of battery. A printed ticket can also be used as a permanent solution for any child that does not have a mobile phone. It is possible to retrieve your QR Code/Ticket at any time from the Shuttle ID Passenger Portal in case of being lost/misplaced.

The scanner will only scan the code once for that journey, it cannot be shared. No ticket = No travel.


The vouchers capability allows anybody to purchase a voucher for either the full or partial amount, and then be used to purchase a ticket. This is ideal if you wish to split the cost between multiple parties. Simply purchase a voucher, pass it onto the person buying the ticket, who will then only pay the difference.

Moving Schools During Academic Year

Should your child stop attending Dene Magna School please email us at We may, at our sole discretion, consider a refund where there are exceptional circumstances, such as; moving house, changing schools etc. It will be necessary to provide documentary evidence of such circumstances to our satisfaction.

Terms and Conditions of Travel

We strongly recommend and advise that before purchasing a ticket you read and understand our terms and conditions of travel. These can be found on our website.

We fully understand that implementing this system will not be an ideal solution for everybody, however, it is of our utmost priority that students are able and guaranteed to travel safely to school everyday.

Please email us at if you have any questions or queries.


GR4 - Cinderford/Littledean

GR5 - Cinderford/Drybrook


GR4 - Cinderford/Littledean

GR5 - Cinderford/Drybrook

Terms and Conditions

Please view our terms and conditions of travel here.

It is important that you read, and agree to these terms and conditions, before purchasing a ticket.

Student Code of Conduct

Please view our Student Code of Conduct here.

Students are expected to behave in a reasonable manner when travelling on the bus. We ask parents to make students aware of our Student Code of Conduct. By purchasing and using a ticket to travel students agree to the terms set out in our Code of Conduct.