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Day Excursions

At Grindles Coaches we put on a vast selection of Day Excursions for your enjoyment. They will suit all ages and many different tastes.  


Some of the excursions that we do are .... Weston Super Mare, Abergavenny Market, Tenby, Moreton in the Marsh and many more.

In addition to our Day Excursions we also run a selection of Theatre Trips. Please see here for more details.


For information on booking please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a Day Excursion is confirmed we will contact you by telephone to request payment. If the passenger has not contacted us within 3 working days after the call the booking will be cancelled. No further calls or reminders will be made. 

Use the arrows at the bottom to browse through our pages of day excursions.

The Making Of Harry Potter Studio Tour

14 Dec 2019

Pickup Route: B  Entrance Included: ✔

Adult: £68.50 S/C: £68.50 Child: £68.50

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

04 Jan 2020

Pickup Route: C Entrance Included: ✔

Adult: £50.00 S/C: £50.00 Child: £50.00

The King and I

11 Jan 2020

Matinee Performance at Cardiff Millenum Centre

Pickup Route: D  Entrance Included: ✔

Adult: £59.50 S/C: £59.50 Child: £59.50

Tutankhamun Treasures Of The Golden Pharaoh

19 Feb 2020

Pickup Route: B Entrance Included:

Adult: £53.50 S/C: £53.50 Child: £53.50

BodyWorlds (A Museum Experience)

27 May 2020

Pickup Route: B  Entrance Included: ✔

Adult: £44.25 S/C: £44.00 Child: £38.40

Avon George Cruise (Sailing on the Bagheera)

30 May 2020

Pickup Route: A Entrance Included: ✔

Adult: £36.50 S/C: 36.50 Child:£36.50

Jane Mcdonald (Let the light in)

04 Jul 2020

​Pickup Route: C  Entrance Included: ✔

Adult: £60.00 S/C: £60.00 Child: £60.00

The Making Of Harry Potter Studio Tour

08 Aug 2020

Pickup Route: B  Entrance Included: ✔

Adult: £68.50 S/C: £68.50 Child: £68.50

The Lion King

25 Aug 2020

Millennium Centre, Cardiff
​​​Pickup Route: D Entrance Included: ✔
Adult: £55.00 S/C: £55.00 Child: £55.00

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Use the arrows above to browse through our pages of day excursions.

Pickup Routes

A: Cinderford, Drybrook Mitcheldean, Coleford, Lydney, Chepstow

B: Coleford, Cinderford, Drybrook, Mitcheldean, Gloucester

C: Coleford, Cinderford, Drybrook, Mitcheldean, Ross-on-Wye

D: Cinderford, Drybrook, Mitcheldean, Coleford, Monmouth


Points to note:-


  • Pick-Up Points will depend on the local route into and out of the Forest of Dean and will differ on some excursions according to the destination.

  • Seats will be allocated in a strict rotation of booking. If the seat you require is not available you will be seated as near as possible to your request. The company reserves the right to alter seating should the need arise, in which case you will be seated accordingly, please note that if you travelling in an odd number i.e. 1, 3 or 5 the adjoining seat may be occupied